Preformulation of Pharmaceutical Drugs

Preformulation provides the necessary understanding of the physicochemical properties of the API underpinning the total formulation development. It is the foundation upon which success can be built.

There are many different tests and investigations that can be included in a preformulation screen. The key to efficient preformulation screening is to carry out the tests only when necessary, rather than to undertake a blanket comprehensive screen, which can take time and material (and thus expense).

With experience there is much that can be understood about the API from knowledge of its chemical structure. An experienced formulation scientist can, even before any laboratory experiments have been undertaken, obtain information on solubility, absorbability, stability/degradation and taste. This helps with the practical investigation, and saves time and resources.

A properly executed preformulation program can improve your chances of a successful project, and more importantly, avoid costly mistakes in Phase I, Phase II, Phase III or post launch.

FinnBrit Consulting has experience gained over many years and across many different types of API, and can provide advice on the proper organization of an API-specific preformulation screen thus saving time and resources.

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